Civilians/Freedom Counseling

family pictureThe Military and Veteran Counseling Center has had many requests to provide services for civilians that suffer from trauma, depression and anxiety too.  To help meet the demands of our civilian population and provide the same great services we provide our warriors, we have opened a department for civilians called Freedom Counseling Center.  Here you will have the benefit of working with a therapist that has experience treating extremes, with tailored sessions built to assist you wherever you may be in your life. 

  • Teenagers love coming to our organization because they realize if a warrior is strong enough to accept help, they can too.
  • We provide support with addictions including pornography for both individuals and couples.  With most addictions the addiction is a symptom or a coping mechanism.  We treat the underlying cause of the addiction.  
  • We have experience treating complex trauma including PTSD, abuse, and grief and loss. 
  • We are here to support you and give you the freedom to take back your life.

Civilians, welcome to the department built just for you, Freedom Counseling Center!