Family Counseling

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Being a military family has its advantages and its disadvantages that civilians may never fully understand. Military families make great sacrifices. Many times, one or both partners may be deployed, which can cause stress not only in relationships but with children as well. Children may have a difficult time adjusting to deployment, and then the family has to adjust every time they return home. New habits are formed during deployment, and routines are disrupted when the service member returns. Courting begins again and the family adjusts only to find they are being deployed again. Sometimes the service member may come home changed, experience difficult emotions about returning, and suffer from symptoms of PTSD, nightmares and difficulty expressing “What is wrong?”  This can add increased stress to partner relationships and create confusion for children.

Life is demanding for military families who don’t deploy as well. The military is not a 9-5 job. Work isn’t finished until the job is completed. This often results in long work schedules and not much time at home. Family members who are not deployed may feel lonely and isolated when their partners are gone. The partner left at home may feel like a single parent and overwhelmed with responsibilities. As too many military families know, life doesn’t stop for those family members who are left behind. Stress continues, demands may be high and sometimes help may be needed to navigate through unchartered or stormy waters. Families get sick, they suffer from their own traumas and trials in addition to partners who serve in the military. Children may have anxiety about moving and starting again in new schools.


Moving can not only be difficult for parents, but very taxing for children as well. Friendships may be lost, support systems taken away and schedules disrupted. It can be difficult for everyone involved, which can increase stress. Being a military family means you probably haven’t moved just once, but many times. Regardless of the amount, moving to an unfamiliar place may be a time in which you could benefit from the extra support offered through family counseling. We can provide that.

How can the Military and Veteran Counseling Center help my family?

We understand that stress continues regardless of military demands or the effects serving your country has had on you. We are here to help you assess and address symptoms that you or family members are experiencing so that life can run smoother. You may find that you need couples counseling, individual therapy or family counseling. We are able to provide assistance in all of these areas to help life run a little easier and get you to where you want to be.

Please contact us for a free confidential consolation with a therapist and let us know how we can be of service to you.